Traveling Tips for the Elderly

Travel is the best gift that some people can give their elderly parents. That’s because many seniors love visiting their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and members of their extended families. Seniors can also take trips to various destinations for adventure or board cruise ships just to tour places they have always wanted to visit. However, it’s not easy to organize a successful trip for a senior.

Here are travel tips that should guide you and your senior:

Plan ahead and conduct extensive research

Whether your elderly parent will travel alone or accompany you, plan ahead. For instance, book reservation early and conduct research about your destination. Find out whether the airline that you intend to use has rules for senior travels. Also find out whether there are senior-special offers that you can take advantage of.

Reserve special services for seniors

For instance, request for a seat in the rows of seniors and disabled travelers. Don’t forget to request for a wheelchair service at the airport, destination, or connection point if the traveling senior will need it. If your senior has special dietary needs, notify the flight attendants before you board the plane.

Take care of the paperwork

If the elderly person doesn’t have a passport, get one for them before the travel date. You can find application forms at the local post office or online. Also get travel insurance for the senior. Make sure that their health insurance covers any medical care that they may need while traveling. Don’t forget to take care of travel tickets, boarding pass, telephone calling card, and itinerary.

Pack properly

Traveling seniors should pack light. However, they should pack everything that they will need while traveling. Essentially, seniors should pack prescriptions and physical statements in their hand-carry bag. If an elderly person is traveling alone, make sure that they know where each item is.

Ensure comfort and security

Make the necessary arrangements to ensure comfort and security of the traveling senior. Ensure that they will have somebody waiting for them at their destination. You can also buy a travel pillow for the senior to support their head and neck while resting.

Traveling with elderly persons can be one of the most memorable experiences in life. However, you need to be careful when traveling to ensure comfort and safety of seniors whether they travel alone or accompany you. Follow these tips to give your traveling senior the best experience.


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