Travel Tips for People with a Language Barrier

The language barrier is among the reasons why some people don’t travel away from home. That’s because they fear the challenges of communicating with people that don’t speak their language. However, you can travel safely and enjoy your trip even when struggling with the language barrier. Here are practical travel tips to guide you if the language barrier is why you’ve not been traveling.

Learn Common Phrases and Words

Traveling far away from home doesn’t necessarily mean you must be fluent in the language that the native people speak. Knowing common phrases and words can be enough to enable you to enjoy your travels. While some people will laugh at you, others will appreciate the effort you’ve put into learning their language. Therefore, learn common phrases like “Thank you,” “Goodbye,” and “Hello.” You can even know how to request a glass of water or direction to the bathroom.

Use Visual Communication

People could travel and interact even before the introduction of the new-age technology. That’s because they could use gestures to point, node, and do other things. Essentially, you can learn and use universal gestures to communicate with people at your travel destination. While this might not be the best way to walk around, it’s better than failing to travel due to the language barrier.

Use Translation Apps

The internet is awash with translation apps that you can download and install on your smartphone. With such applications, you can quickly translate what somebody tells you or the information you read somewhere. Thus, you can find a direction to your preferred destination even when you can’t read the language on signboards.

In addition to these tips, be patient when traveling with a language barrier. That’s because passing a message using sign language, for instance, can take time. Also, not everybody will be ready to help you if you can’t speak a language they understand. Therefore, be patient and interested in learning.

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