Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

Having diabetes should not hinder you from traveling. When you travel, you get a chance to get out of your routine. You get an opportunity to have fun. However, unfamiliar foods, delayed meals, being active than you normally are, and variation in time zones can affect diabetes management. Nevertheless, you can plan ahead and focus on having less worry and more fun.

Before the Trip

Before leaving your home, talk to your doctor about your trip. Undergo a medical checkup to make sure that you are fit to travel. Also let your doctor know the activities you intend to engage in to advice you on how to adjust insulin and medicines that you should carry and take. Also write a note stating that you are diabetic in your luggage.


Make sure that you have packed your medication, health insurance, your note, and healthy snacks, raw veggies, nuts, and fruits. Also have a medical ID bracelet and information on where to get help at your travel destination.

When Traveling

To make airport screening smooth and quick, get a TSA notification card. Also have an insulin pump or glucose monitor. When driving, have a cooler with healthier foods and enough water. Avoid storing diabetes medicine or insulin in your hot car or direct sunlight. Ensure that your medication and insulin is always cool.

Insulin pump and blood sugar monitor can also be damaged by heat. Therefore, avoid leaving them in your hot car. Always go for healthy foods when traveling if you have to buy them instead of packing your food before the trip.

Take breaks from driving and step out of the car for a while to avoid blood clots. Additionally, set your phone alarm to ensure that you don’t skip taking medications especially when you travel across different time zones.

It’s also crucial that you monitor blood sugar and seek help immediately if you notice an issue. Avoid overdoing physical activity especially during a hot day.

Generally, diabetes can make traveling more challenging. However, you can still travel with diabetes if you plan ahead, be relaxed and focus on enjoying the experience.

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