Road Travel Essentials – Tips for a Long Road Trip

Road Travel Essentials – Tips for a Long Road Trip

Setting off on a long road trip is generally a freeing and liberating experience. However, you need to know how to avoid classic pitfalls. Essentially, there are things that you need to carry when going on a long road trip. Here are the major road trip essentials to pack when organizing the trip.


Never drive hungry. So, when going on a long road trip, pack enough portable, easy-to-reach snacks. Additionally, pack different types of snacks. You can also pick something new to give it a try away from home.

Carry enough water

When driving, you can easily be dehydrated. Therefore, carry enough water. This is particularly important when traveling away from home. That’s because you can’t be sure that you will always find clean and healthy water wherever you go.


Sometimes, the mobile service drops. That means you can’t always depend on Google Maps to provide direction. Therefore, carry paper maps as a precaution.

Insulated tumbler

If you are a seasoned traveler, you know how important coffee is during a road trip. But, you don’t want to throw disposable cups anywhere while traveling. That’s why you should pack an insulated tumbler. This is reusable and it keeps beverage hot for hours. If you carry an insulated tumbler, you pay for refill only at a gas station or coffee shop. Thus, purchasing an insulated tumbler will eventually pay off.


Don’t depend on the underpowered USB charger of your car only to charge your devices. Instead, carry an inverter to provide additional USB ports.

GasBuddy App

Gas can be very expensive in some highway stations. The GasBuddy App enables you to find a station that sells gas at the cheapest price along the way. That means you can plan accordingly and save a few cents while traveling.

Long sleeves and sunscreen  

Long trips can result in excessive UV exposure. Therefore, carry long sleeves and sunscreen to ensure that you are covered throughout the trip.

If you have cruise control in your car, use it. This will increase fuel efficiency by maintain a consistent speed and enable you to relax and avoid leg cramping. Nevertheless, packing these road travel essentials will make your long road tip more comfortable and successful.

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